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Reviews of AOMUSIC’s CD, “…and Love Rages On!”

During the time AOMUSIC’s CD, …and Love Rages On is being aired and promoted, we will continue to post published reviews as they become available:

In any album review, the music is the obvious focal point. However in the case of AOMUSIC, while the sound is clearly the focus, there is so much to share about the unique creative process and the intention behind it, that a review would be incomplete without shining a light on those aspects as well. Serving as a brief introduction or gateway, the word “AO” [e’i-o] comes from the ancient Polynesian language and means “pure light” or “all colors.” This second meaning is particularly descriptive as the music is a virtual rainbow of sound and soul.

To delve a bit deeper into what a rainbow sounds like coming out of your speakers, AOMUSIC has been described as “a pan-cultural acoustic fusion of musical texture from around the globe… a commonwealth of spirit and celebration.” The first comparative reference point that came to mind as I began listening is the music of Peter Gabriel – although not surprising since they site him as a major influence, along with the likes of Deep Forest, Afro Celt Sound System, and Adiemus.

AOMUSIC is comprised of three primary collaborators, Richard Gannaway (stringed instruments and vocals), Jay Oliver (keyboards and synth samples), and Miram Stockley (vocals) who is also the voice of the aforementioned group Adiemus. Their collective recording industry credits are impressive to say the least, and include having worked with Sheryl Crow, The Eagles, Celine Dion, Bonnie Raitt, Chaka Khan, Mike Oldfield, Freddie Mercury and Brian May of Queen, and many others. Miram’s creatively layered vocals, which have sometimes been compared to Enya – although distinctly different and exquisitely enchanting in their own expression, can also be heard on the “Lord Of The Rings” film soundtrack. The group had the honor of being asked to compose music for the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. There are also a number of other associate producers and musicians who add their hues to the rainbow.

One of the most distinctive and integral facets in the sound of AOMUSIC is the inclusion of a variety of children’s choirs from around the globe. On this CD there are five different choirs representing South Africa, China, and The Republic Of Georgia, as well as the US. Lyrics are often a variety of ancient languages or carefully crafted phonetics, chosen for their “shape.” While there are diverse musical elements and cultures represented, there is one overriding message of the album and of the group: “AOMUSIC is the spirit, color and timbre of global oneness.“

In addition to highlighting the children’s musical contribution on the album, AOMUSIC is committed to this goal: “ to establish a non-profit foundation to benefit all the choirs” and to promote the value of music in their curriculums to give them skills and a focus towards a better future, especially in countries where children have been displaced by war, natural disaster, or political unrest.

With regard to their creative process, in an increasingly familiar hallmark of the digital age, the three principle artists are rarely together in the same place at the same time. In their words, “ we compose as three musicians in three different cities, in three studios. Ricky (Richard) creates the base of the song form, sometimes mocking it up with one of the children’s choruses, other times leaving it blank for Miriam to write her own chorus.  Then Richard brings it to Jay, whom he refers to as “the maestro”, who augments harmonies and joins in producing a template for Miriam to design her vocals.”

What all this adds up to is a sound that, while it has its influences, is unique and speaks its own creative language. This album, “…and Love Rages On!” is less ambient than their previous two releases, and features powerful driving percussion and rhythmic tracks that uplift the spirit and get your head nodding and foot tapping as well. Beautifully crafted electronic textures and earthy stringed instruments blend with the groove and the vocal tracks to create a sound that “is derived from the purity of primitive world culture… and at the same time, is presented within a palette of modern timbre and production.” One thing I particularly enjoy is the way vocals and choirs are sometimes processed with digital effects to add a whole different dimension to their sonic signature.

AOMUSIC is a magical merging of accomplished professional musicians and blossoming young talent, and according to the group, “the goal is to never stray from a sense of purity and innocence. The childlike spirit must remain within every piece, isolated or together.  It’s about a collective spirit.” This album is majestic in its vision and magnificent in its presence, promoting a message of urgent relevance for our times.




(24 April 2011) Lately, it’s been sad to see the pulse of the music business becoming faster and faster all the time, inevitably leading to the fact that many record labels tend to release everything in a hurry, so that the music is meaningless single-use-only music, without putting the music itself and its quality first. But, luckily, if one has some courage and a bit patience to wander a bit further than just the beginning of the vast “forest of music”, one can find hidden gems that have only been waiting for someone willing to discover them.

One of these hidden gems is definitely a group called AO Music. With their debut album Grow Wild (2000), this highly talented and innovative group of musicians from across the world planted a “seed” that has been flourishing ever since, literally growing wild and free, and creating good mood worldwidely. And, since 2008 when AO Music’s song “On Jai Ya” was selected as one of the “anthems” of the Beijing Summer Olympic Games, the musical “tree” that used to be only a small seed, has been growing and spreading its “branches” even further afield, thanks to not only the “chief music forestry officers” Jay Oliver and Richard Gannaway, but also to singer-songwriter Miriam Stockley as well as all the other “assisting music forest caretakers” who have been successfully nurturing this special musical “tree” with fresh, new ideas. Their second album Twirl (2009) is the first featuring Miriam Stockley’s vocal work.

And, with the release of AO Music’s third album …And Love Rages On (2011), it seems obvious that the aforementioned musical “tree” keeps just growing and growing, as the musical “forestry team” has once again been able to find all the correct ingredients that have enabled the development of the “tree”. Each “branch” of the musical “tree” has grown unique and different of course, with a bit of Celtic breeze in one “branch” and a bit African in another for example, but still everything is in perfect balance so that none of the “branches” suffer from overgrowth due to too much of a certain type of “musical fertilizers”!

This exceptional versatility of the musical “tree” really enables the listener to choose the “branch” on which to sit and listen: One moment it can be the festive, almost celebratory “Gai Ya Lo Mane branch”, whereas another time it can be something more gentle and perhaps a bit more melancholic such as the “Sheyu branch”. Or, if one really wants to dance around the “forest”, then there are the wild, hypnotic almost ever-ceasing “branches” such as “In Lake ‘Ch” and “One Kaleo” from which to choose!

It is not easy to keep this kind of a rarity “alive and well”, but if one has such skillful people as Jay, Richard and Miriam around to do it, one can be sure that the “musical tree” will keep growing and doing just what it is meant to do: To spread joy, to provide cool, calm shade for reflection, and to bring together people from across the world in order to celebrate the power of music–the power that keeps this world turning!

-SUVI KAIKKONEN in Oulu, Finland and RUSS ELLIOT in New York



Spiritually powerful and jubilant enough to scour your soul clean, …And Love Rages On! from worldmusic trio AOMUSIC caught me entirely by surprise. It’s a robust, joyful disc driven by thundering drums and the heavenly heights of singer Miriam Stockley’s voice. (Stockley is the voice behind the act Adiemus.)  Backed by Richard Gannaway on strings and vocals and Jay Oliver on keys and synths, Stockley varies between actual lyrics and sound-chants that neatly transcend the need for words. When Stockley sings, feeling takes over and you purely understand the intent. Of course, the pieces with actual lyrics work, too. “In Lake’ch” takes its title from a Mayan greeting and explains, by translation and a smoothly serpentine tune, that it means “I am another you.” “Ena Na Lena,” if I’m reading correctly, pulls together Gaelic, Swedish and Polynesian to chant “Little flame, my flower of light.” “Sheyu” carries a call for peace and beauty, and does so peacefully and beautifully. Stockley is not alone here, vocally. Gannaway’s voice comes in as a nice lower counter to Stockley’s hawk-circle registers on “Sheyu,” “Tio Da Ye” and “Ena Na Lena.”  Sounds drift in from all over the globe in the nine tracks here. Pennywhistles vie with didgeridoos; harp sounds trade licks with guitars; drums of all kinds kick through to lay down the base and set listeners grooving. (You will be excused if you leap up to dance during “One Kaleo,” where the Children’s Choir of Beijing sings–about Little Red Riding Hood, believe or not–over a fast, funky riff.) Celtic songs nudge against African rhythms and Middle Eastern structures. Children’s choirs from around the world fill out the sound–and it all comes together in a sort of musically utopian stew. …And Love Rages On! keeps its upbeat tone going strong through an all-too-brief 45 minutes. It passes quickly, and you’ll likely be inclined to give it another go-round. But first take a moment as the disc ends to feel the way it’s worked its way inside you, the way it feels like it’s left a little extra power in your spirit, a little more hope in your soul. This is vibrant, feel-good New Age music that has grown on me and affected me more with every fresh listen.



Reviews of AOMUSIC’s CD, “Twirl”
This music is like a variegated carpet which is unfolding before your eyes. You never imagined how many different bright colors and unexpected nuances may be contained in what seems at first sight very simple compositions. And they are filled with positive energy. The new AOMUSIC release is a look at this world with wide open eyes and understanding that our world will change soon. This is awareness of fact that we all are children of a sole planet which is our common home. The music of the album “Twirl” carries the listener to a future society which will be free of violence and oppression by people against another.

Two founders of AOMUSIC, artists, composers and producers – Richard Gannaway (stringed instruments, vocals) and Jay Oliver (keyboards, synths, samples) joined Miriam Stockley (vocals) who was the voice of Karl Jenkins’ bestselling Adiemus project, composer and producer Sandeep Chowta and a cast of supporting artists and children’s choirs from India and China in order to create the unique musical palette of “Twirl”. They all form a special healing aura which uplifts the spirit and brings a desired joy to the listeners.

The abum “Twirl” is full of numerous exciting findings and interesting sound effects. One can feel a flight of creative fantasy in each track of this unusual project. The music of “Twirl” goes beyond limits and boundaries. It isn’t related to any particular genre. This is the music of free people for a future free world. AOMUSUC’s new release speaks all-human language and touches every heart regardless of nationality and musical preferences. It will undoubtedly illuminate your life.




I recently purchased ‘Twirl’ an album by Aomusic with the beautiful and sublime voice of Miriam Stockley. I found out about this album on Miriam’s official website and im so glad i did! ‘Twirl’ is one of the finest albums i have ever had the pleasure of listening to. I would completely recommend this album to anyone who can appreciate powerful, emotional music that transcends music barriers




The most beautiful music I’ve ever experienced!
This is simply the best music I have ever heard. I know that sounds overly dramatic, but it actually caused me to become elated & filled with hope. Other music has only approached that feeling & it has been rare indeed. I believe these people are a part of something extraordinary that the world has yet to know & I’m amazed that no one seems to know about this group yet. I’ve been frantically trying to find out how to order their newer releases. It is my hope that everyone has a chance to be exposed to what these wonderful musicians are producing. They describe their songs as a universal message of “unity”. It’s deeply mysterious & joyful at once & if you go to their website or myspace page, you’ll find their newest songs, some of which are produced for the 2008 Olympics in The peoples Republic of China. AO, please keep this music alive. We desperately need it. or

HUAN YING – ARTIST DIRECT – Beijing, People’s Republic of China



During the time AOMUSIC’s CD, Twirl is being aired and promoted, we will continue to post published reviews as they become available:

AOMUSIC – TWIRL: Highly impressive world/electronic with some fantastic percussion undercurrents that will suck you in to it’s vortex and spin you out as a newly “awakened” being (unless you’re already caught up in the miasma of “mindless” music that’s so prevalent on today’s .mp3 players)… If you’re already seeking music that’s a cut above the pap served up on today’s AM (& even FM) channels, though, you’ll find this sonic adventure to your liking! We reviewed their “Grow Wild” CD many years ago in issue #41… They were impressive then & are even more-so on “TWIRL”. The album is slated for an October 2008 release, so you’ll want to go to their site, at (right now) & get yours… or download only the .mp3’s that you enjoy most. One of the more energetic pieces is “Obayo”, with a crisp vocal opener followed by excellent percussion that segues nicely into a very danceable piece of music. Rather than “world” (if I had to categorize their playing), I would term this as “universal” – but with the universe viewed from human minds open to possibility and hope… As I listen to this, hope is the feeling that courses through each and every composition (maybe Obama should be using this as his campaign theme. No matter what word you use, though, this CD will be well-received by your aural/mental channels… I give it our MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, as well as “PICK” of this issue for “most inspiring musical experience”. Get more information at their site (above). Rotcod Zzaj




You may indeed want to ‘twirl’ to the boisterous and joyous opening number of this intriguing album. Children’s choirs from Beijing P.R.C. and Bangalore, India join primary artists Richard Gannaway (stringed instruments, vocals), Jay Oliver (keyboards, synths) and Miriam Stockley (vocals) for an offering that is truly “world music.” Additional artists include Sowmya Raoh (vocals), Andy Georges (stringed instruments), and Kimba Arem (didgeridoo). In searching the liner notes for the translation of the first number, I found the following note: “Lyrics on this CD that do not appear in the booklet are made up phonetics, carefully chosen for their ‘shape.'” Interesting. And the second encounter I’ve had with made up words. Perhaps this is a trend. Other words are fused together from Ancient Polynesian, West African, Central African, Zulu, Arabic, Swahili, North Sotho, Xhora, Nguni, and Hindi languages, most often accompanying playful English lyric passages (We came here to play & we’ll not go away until every blue heart has been tumbled & rolled into opals of joy down this big ragin’ river of love . . .). The overriding energy of this offering is of joy and uplift. The sounds are unique in their assembly, and I think most will find this a joy to listen to. Well done!

by Mark Maxwell Abushady • New York City




(09 August 2009) The world music project “AO Music” which was started by recording artists Richard Gannaway, Jay Oliver and Sandeep Chowta in 1996, may not be among the most well-known world music acts today. Few of our visitors have probably heard of this group’s debut album Grow Wild which was released in 2000, so this is a big pity in my opinion, especially now that AO Music has just released their second album, Twirl (AO Music (USA), 2009) which is certain to draw attention from Miriam Stockley and Adiemus fans.

Luckily, when the group had started preparing this follow-up album some years ago, they were asked to compose music for the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics, which was a great pinnacle for them to get their music more widely known and heard. Another factor in this global breakthrough has been the arrival of AO’s newest member, singer Miriam Stockley, who is very well-known as a backing vocalist for big stars such as Tina Turner, as well as from her wide contribution to the world-renowned Adiemus albums composed by Karl Jenkins and of course, not to forget Miriam’s brilliant solo career that is still ongoing. Miriam joined forces with AO Music in 2006, and soon after her arrival the Beijing 2008 Olympics song “On Jai Ya” was born and recorded.

However, the collaboration didn’t just stop there, as later on the group had enough material for a sequel album to Grow Wild, this time entitled as Twirl, released in early 2009. AO’s new album is not “just a normal world music album”. Actually, it is much more than that; a really global feast providing the richest cornucopia of unique and highly innovative music, made with extreme care and with outstanding spontaneity. The approach here is a bit more electric than usually on world music albums, and some of the ethnic instrument sounds have been sampled, but that only gives the music a more modern, up-to-date touch rather than spoiling it by mainstreaming it too much.

Many might also think that combining African, Asian, Indian, Chinese, Australian, Celtic and even oriental influences together means automatically a catastrophical and chaotic result, but Twirl avoids all that and proves such prejudices wrong already from the start. Everything falls into the right place like a big jigsaw puzzle, creating sense of harmony and unity which both remain amazingly intact throughout the entire album. It is very easy for the listener to become part of this harmony, and this is one of the signs of cohesion that only a very few albums like this can obtain.

Furthermore, this outstanding cohesion and the musicians’ natural, down-to-earth, innovative attitude makes it impossible to pick any particular piece that could be better than any other of the album’s tracks. Obviously some world music “purists” may sneer at the usage of “pop” elements while some else might blame AO of “copycatting” the idea of Adiemus because of Miriam Stockley’s strong input, but these things do not disturb me at all as this music is distinctive enough from what has been made in the past.

Although the new AO album Twirl is worth for enjoying right from the beginning to the very last note –especially through good headphones!–it would even be more thrilling to hear it live on stage! Obviously, as the musicians come from different countries such as China, India and Indonesia, it would certainly be quite a logistic challenge to put the concert together, but this kind of vibrant, joyous and uplifting music really deserves a much wider audience than what it has had until the release of Twirl. And, even if the live performances could never become reality, it is great to know that the hopes are already high for another stunning

AO Music armchair journey, tentatively to be released in 2010. Let’s hope that there would be at least some more exciting albums to listen to!


AO Music is “a multi-cultural experience.” It is from combined efforts of four extraordinary performers – Richard Gannaway on stringed instruments and vocals; Jay Oliver on keyboards, synths and samples; Sandeep Chowta on co-production and Miriam Stockley on lead vocals. They are supported by The CRC Children’s Choir of Beijing, The William Joseph International Academy for Performing Arts Children’s Choir of Bangalore, India, Sowmya Raoh (of Mumbai, India) on vocals, Andy Georges (of Los Angeles) on additional strings and Kimba Arem (of Boulder, CO) on didgeridoo.
This is a very cool experience. Miriam is one of the top new age vocalists in the world. She has the ability to use her voice as an additional instrument in the ensemble. The sound design is flawless and seamless. The rhythms come from Jay’s synths. Richard’s strings are sweet and sublime.

This is just an amazing CD! I find myself sitting here with goose bumps as I try to describe it. It has something for everyone and more! The whole experience is completely overwhelming! It is joyful to the 10th power. It has depth. It has meaning. It is “in your face.” It says, “Get up and move! Share the good vibes. Be part of the journey. BE THE JOURNEY!”
The music permeates every fibre of my being. I had to get up and dance despite my severe arthritis. I felt no pain. I felt joy. I was one with me. I was within myself looking at myself from the outside as I looked at myself from the inside. I was a mirror in a mirror in a mirrorŠ. I was the ultimate conundrum.

The music ended. The spell was broken. The soul was rejuvenated. I was tired. I was energized. I felt no pain. I had new perspectives. Over the years I have experienced several profound responses to music. There had not been one like this before. The other experiences were internal stimuli responding to the external. This is the external from the internal back to the external and back to the internal once more.

This is a great CD and an immediate entry to my all time top 25!

Jim Brenholts resides in N. Versailles, PA and can be reached at


Reviews of AOMUSIC’s CD, “Grow Wild”

During the time the Grow Wild CD was being aired on National Public Radio in early 2000, AOMUSIC & their management hired “The Creative Service Co”. out of Boulder CO to submit the CD for music reviews in select publications throughout North American cities. Here are some of those printed reviews:

AOMUSIC, Grow Wild: “It is infrequently that I come across (musical) energy this exciting! This CD features a duo, Richard Gannaway and Jay Oliver. There are some reviewers/listeners who might lump this in with some broad category like “world beat” or “new age,” I suppose. What an absolute disservice they would be doing to the public. This is, quite simply, some of the most astonishing and beautiful music I have heard in years! If you came across the package in store racks, you might miss it, as it’s a fairly nondescript insert. Once you open it, though, and begin reading their liners and history, you’d quickly realize that this IS the music of “light” with the potential to illuminate (and energize) millions who are living the life of the lost. Each piece is superbly crafted from various cultures around the world to raise your awareness of the connectivity we all share (whether we’re prepared to deal with that or not). Lyrical mastery contributes, of course, but the composition is the key here, and AOMUSIC have that down PAT, people! It’s not just an aimless swirl of rhythmic pabulum, either, this music ROCKS (no matter what the pace of the tune is). I’m impressed enough (and that takes something these days) to declare it the PICK of this issue for “best all around music”! No matter what your musical background/preference, I’m confident you’ll agree. MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Let yourself GO… get wild… natural…free!”


AOMUSIC- AO MUSIC Grow Wild CD album shows the need for the world to be forever on the search for new music. You will hear the sounds of Africa, North & South America, Polynesia, Ireland and many other nations. But, as you listen, you begin to feel like a child again and create your own worlds to blend in with each new sound.”


“Whatever these guys are smoking, I want some, ’cause this is some pretty groovy music from a place very much outside the world of mundane reality, “a place where music, color, form and movement blend into one expression”


AOMUSIC Grow Wild released 2000 AO Music -” Eclectic World beat Pop **** (four stars) Flawless blend of pop and world beat sprinkled with catchy haunting melodies. Don’t be surprised if the tracks “Chameleon Makebelieve” and “Haumea” cross over into mainstream radio. Given their melodic pulsating groove, AOMUSIC also could conceivably strike a chord with the Dave Matthews audience.”
BEST TRACK: “Chameleon Make Believe”
WORST TRACK: there are no bad tracks on this album

-H.K. HILNER Issue # 41, May 2000

AO – Grow Wild (AO Music). Richard Gannaway & Jay Oliver, a pair of highly talented musicians, paint a portrait of world sounds with various languages and ethereal melodies. It’s a mélange of vocals and rhythms. What sets this apart is a sort of playfulness that invites listeners to wrap themselves in the rhythmic tapestries and turn on the imagination.”


“Recently a couple of guys named Richard Gannaway and Jay Oliver decided to let their music grow wild on their first album. Their mission is nothing less than heroic. Using a healthy attitude for having fun with sound, they’ve created a unifying sound that can reach out to almost anyone.”
“The fist step is to get people to engage their hearts again,” Jay Oliver points out. “Art needs to promote positive thinking and energy. We’re at a state in history when the world is changing more rapidly than ever before. We’re becoming one people, one culture, tied together financially, with instantaneous Internet communications, sharing news and art, and questioning the old ways. We want our music to help people prepare for the changes, to let them know it’s okay to embrace the changes.”
Richard Gannaway says the group’s mission is even simpler:
“We want each listener to walk away from this music with a deeper sense of dimensional freedom,” “Children invent their own worlds around them everyday and, AOMUSIC will always present a very colorful palette that encourages that sort of playful imagination…” Through it all, AOMUSIC’s spirit grows wild and infuses the lyrics with laughing dare, a challenge to use your imagination and find other worlds to explore. At other times, the songs of Grow Wild come to us almost as prayers.. The translation of the single verse does more to sum up the spirit of the album than any reviewer ever could.


“The sounds are soothing, yet they crackle with life. An intriguing blend – world music, from a different world. Each song is a brick in the big picture, the languages change but their meaning is clear.”


“According to the musical duo AOMUSIC, the evolution of the world requires new music that pulls sounds and words from many places, cultures and peoples. On their debut album, Grow Wild, AOMUSIC creates global music that resonates with a natural musical geometry, giving their sound a primal, timeless instinctive universality. “We’d like the listener to be loosened from any imposed restrictions of what is possible and feel invited to entertain a new story, says AOMUSIC’s Richard Gannaway.”




AOMUSIC, Grow Wild – “They are called AOMUSIC, a musical duo that have worked with Sheryl Crow, The Eagles and Jimmy Buffett. AO is the ancient Polynesian word for light, and light is what AOMUSIC brings into their music. On Grow Wild they are sending out a very positive message not only in their music but in their words. They are telling us that it is time to go back to the heart and spread out our wings, for we all come from one. Truly an inspiring and positive CD for all of us.”



“The AOMUSIC disc is a good work indeed! My wife & I are keeping it on constant rotation here in Galway.”

-BILL WHELAN – Award Winning Irish Composer and Creator of the RIVERDANCE show – from Galway, Ireland



“Thank you for giving me your AOMUSIC CD! It’s been a long time since music has impressed me with so much enthusiasm! Please contact me the next time you’re in Ireland.”

-EAMONN STINSON (owner of the famous “CROSS KEYS PUB” Belfast, Ireland)


“…Your music is wonderful! If there is more, please tell me where I can buy it, I want to share it with everyone…

-ELEANOR HELLIO (Professor at The School of Visual Arts in Paris, France)


“…My brother, Ariel & I listen to your AOMUSIC CD constantly! …Are there more AO CDs? Please let me know…”

-ELISA FERMONT (attorney in Jerusalem, Israel)



“…Thank you for your most inspired and stimulating music. Pythagoras said geometry was music made visible. You are definitely tuned to the celestial harmonies.”

-JONATHAN QUINTIN (artist, New Zealand)


“…I am very proud to be one of the first German fans of AOMUSIC!”

-JORG FISCHER (musician in Wuerzburg, Germany)



“AO’s debut album is a powerful musical message that seduces our senses and destroys any notion of separation between cultures. The diverse strands of AOMUSIC’s Grow Wild reflect the world musical web like a perfect unity.”

-MARIUS-CHRISTiAN BURCE (Radio DJ in Bucharest, Romania)



“Thank you for sending me your CD, it makes me remember how beautiful is all of life & I wish you always success!”

-NI PUTU ARI HARDIANI (college student in Bali, Indonesia)



“I listen to the AOMUSIC song impress me to feel very excited. Because it’s so moving. I’m afraid I use the mistake phrase cause I’m not good at English. I did not hear like this moving melody in a long time! I can feels the great universe’s breathing inside; I can feel you want the expression’s meaning in the music: that’s Peace, Freedom, and Love. I very like this disc and very expect a next CD from AOMUSIC.

-HUFEIFEI (Chi-Kung med student in Shanghai, China)



“Thank you for sending me disc samplings of AOMUSIC. Please let me know how we can acquire more of this very special songs.”

-SERGE KOZLOVSKY (music publisher in Minsk, Republic of Belarus)



“I want to thank you for the excellent music you sent. Your music is very important to us! I airplay your wonderful CD & my listeners are happy to be your new fans!”

-SERGIU RUSU (Radio DJ in Arad, Romania)



“I am a journalist, author of Visionary Voyager from the capital of Belarus in city Minsk. I want to share AO with all of Russia!”

-ALEXEI KRUPSKIY (journalist/author in Minsk, Republic of Belarus)


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