Guest Artists

Nadishana (Siberia) – multi-instrumentalist

Richard invited Nadishana to record on several AO Music tracks. He is one of the world’s finest ethnic fusion artists and can be heard on his own project The Nadishana Trio. Read our 2017 feature on Nadishana here.


 photo juliefowlis.pngJulie Fowlis (Scottish Highlands) – vocalist

Julie appeared on AO’s 2017 album release “Asha” performing one of her own compositions, and her vocal renditions of Scottish traditional music are melting hearts around the globe. She is also a wicked Celtic whistle player. Read our 2017 feature on Julie here.


 photo neha.pngNeha Kakkar (Mumbai) – vocalist

Neha was invited by Sandeep Chowta to perform on the track that he brought to the AO drawing board – “O Re Piya” from our 2013 album release “Hokulea”. Her vocal performance with Miriam Stockley on that track received wide international acclaim.


Sonu Kakkar (Mumbai) – vocalist

Sonu (Mumbai, India) was invited to Sandeep Chowta‘s studio during the Aomusic Mumbai sessions in 2004. She is featured singing solo on the verses of ‘Obayo’ from our 2009 song collection ‘Twirl’.


 photo Sunny1.jpgSang Ding Duo Jie “Sunny” (Yushu, China) – vocalist

We discovered this amazing Tibetan singer while recording children high in the Himalayas of Yushu for our 2017 album release “Asha”. His vocal ability is mesmerizing, and we’ll be recording a lot of him in the future. Read our 2017 feature on Sang Ding Duo Jie here


Ashwin Srinivasan (Indian flutes)

Ashwin (Mumbai, India) is one of India’s legendary instrumentalists, introduced to us by our astute colleague Sandeep Chowta. He is featured in several AO Music cuts, and you can read our 2017 feature on Ashwin here.


 photo kimba.pngKimba Arem (didgeridoo)

Kimba (Boulder, CO) tours internationally and uses her talent as a means to transform and heal. She is featured on all AO Music album releases since 2009, and is involved in some very interesting and important projects, which you can read about in our 2017 feature on Kimba here.


 photo emily.pngEmily Tessmer (vocals)

Emily (Lake Taho, CA) is a wonderfully authentic artist, and her healing music style continues to inspire hearts around the globe. She has since put her musical passion into world music, and her current award-winning group Orenda Blu has two albums on the Paradise Music label.


 photo mark.jpgMark Holland (St. Louis, MO) – Native American Flute

Mark is one of several true artists preserving the Native American Flute tradition today, and his first contribution to the music of AO was on our 2017 album release “Asha”, where he performed on the song “Quixote”. Read our 2017 feature on Mark here


 photo alandy.jpgAl Jewer and Andy Mitran (Ohio) – Native American flute, percussion, mallets

Al and Andy are a talented duo and veterans at producing music for relaxation and healing. They lent their mastery to the track “The Inbound Trail” on our 2017 release “Asha”. Read our 2017 feature on Al na Andy here


Peter Mayer (acoustic guitar, backing vocals)

Peter (Nashville, TN) is an extraordinary artist and prolific song-writer. He tours his own project and is Jimmy Buffett‘s guitar player. Peter is featured in the songs ‘Chameleon Makebelieve’ and ‘Those Eyes’ from our ‘Grow Wild’ album.


Michael “Piper” Cooney (Irish pipes and whistles)

Mike (Tipperary, Ireland) has been winning national piper championships in Ireland since he was a boy. He is featured in ‘Ena Na Lena’ from our “…and Love Rages On!” album. In Richard words; “Nowhere have I found a more gracious and authentic artist”.


Susan Craig Winsberg (flutes)

Susan (Los Angeles, CA) is a classically trained session musician on the US west coast, and is featured in “Little Dove’s Reel” from our 2000 debut album, “Grow Wild”. She also performs locally as her own Celtic ensemble.


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